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large amount of data missing

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I'm in a pinch everyone.

Today when I launched steam I realized my games where gone from my installed collection. I accounted it up to a bad update and just accepted it. However tonight I realized around 80GB of files are missing. The drive appears to be functioning fine..But I'm missing ALOT of important files...Does this normally happen to dying drives? And any way to recover the information? I've got some important files that I spent over a year compiling and though I have around %60 backed up, some didn't get copied..

Looking further..Seems all data older than 2 months is gone...
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The files may be invisible. Has the free disk space increased? If it hasn't enable 'show hidden files' and uncheck 'his protected system files'. If they show up i the foler as hidden, copy them to a new location.
This is caused by a virus. Run a scan using malwarebytes to clean your computer.

If your free disk space has increased and you have 80Gb more, use recuva and perform a deep scan to retrieve your deleted files.(I hope you haven't written anything new to the drive)
Run a scan using malwarebytes
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