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Last Call for Our August 1st ETF Event With Cool Prizes and Stats!

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Form a team of 3 folding 1 GPU each and possibly win a great prize. You have until July 31st at 9 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time to get put in for August.

@WonderMutt @KOBALT @Argosy @Humafold @NBrock just need a passkey like the old TC assigned to the GPU, and you're in, but there are forms to complete if you want to be eligible for prizes.

Extreme Team Folding Goes Live on August 1st (Formerly The Team Competition)

Sponsored Prizing
A HUGE thanks goes out to our sponsors for backing this competition with some fantastic prizing.


Cooler Master
(Will be awarded to Category Winner)
Further Prizing
(to be expanded upon and updated - PM me with donations)

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If anyone would like to be on the backup list for Team OCN in case someone drops out or has equipment failure, send me a PM. This will continue as an ongoing project/competition.
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@WonderMutt would be a good one to shoot a PM to because he used to run a team in the old TC, and is still folding. I did have a conversation with him via PM a few months back to tell him about it, but sadly, he's not on here very often.
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