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Alright so building this PC for a friend in a few hours, here's the specs. Rip it apart. All prices are in CAD (That's that funny monopoly looking money). The company price matches with any online retailer in Canada. Used shopbot.ca to compare all prices and find lowest.

Purpose of the PC is for light gaming (WoW, some steam games, Sc2, etc) and multimedia (storing movies, playing blu ray, etc).

1x Antec Three Hundred - $69.99 (price matched to $54.99).

1x Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4P $194.99 (price matched to $181.84)

1x Intel Core i5-760 $229.99 (price matched to $209.50)

1x Corsair 4GB Dominator DHX+ $149.99 (price matched to $138.56)

1x Corsair Force Series SSD 60GB $179.99 (price matched to $155)

2x WD 1TB Caviar Black /w 64mb cache 84.99 each.

1x LG 10x Blu-Ray reader $99.99

1x LG Super-Multi 22x DVD Writer $24.99

1x eVGA GeForce GTX 470 $349.99 (price matched to $336.37 and comes with a $30 MIR)

1x Corsair HX 650W PSU $134.99 (price matched to $119.08)

1x Microsoft Windows 7 Home Edition 64-bit OEM $119.99 (price matched to $99.99)

2x Samsung Syncmaster BX2350 LED LCD $299.99 each (price matched to $269.99 each)

1x Corsair H70 $99.99

Total before price match with ADS is: $2571.29 (including 5% GST)

Price after price match with ADS is: $2368.32 (including 5% GST), minus $30 for MIR.

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I've read somewhere that LG isn't making Blu-ray drives anymore, but I could be wrong. If it's true then I would find a different one because they won't come out with updated drivers to play to new movies.

I can't find anything about it so I must be wrong... I'm almost positive I read that though.
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