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Late Introduction

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Hello guys and (the occasional) gals
. I'm not technically "new" here, but I didn't really get around to introducing myself. I haven't really posted much, mostly because I am constantly learning and bouncing around from subject to subject. OCN is truly a never ending source of interesting information. I am incredibly addicted to anything tech related, especially the PC. Also, once I research a lot more about hardware and cooling, I am going to invest in more my PC parts(mostly mobo, psu, ram, cooling for my current system
). I can't wait for my first massive & stable overclock. Once I get a couple OC's under my belt, I might be able to help out others. Thanks in advance for all the info and help this community has to offer!

-The Laughing Man
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Np, glad your liking it here! Here is your late "Welcome!". Glad your enjoying your stay!
Welcome TheLaughingMan. Nice to meet you.
I definitely know of all three of you from browsing for around seven months on OCN. Thanks for the warm welcome, it means a lot.
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