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Latest Update for OC'ing Opteron 148 Stepping CAB2E.

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First here's a pic.

Opteron overclocking to 3ghz is pretty easy.As u see in the pic i used those settings.With vcore of 1.55 i hit 2.95ghz, imagine a vcore of 1.65 ill proly hit 3.1ghz with air cooling. Opty = insane cooling.

Timings ( defualt = 2-2-2-5 )
Timings (2) 2.5-3-3-7 2T
Vcore 1.55 ( MAX, here comes the climax of all this overclocking thingy, if i can hit 1.6vcore i would've got 3ghz easily)
HTT x3
FSB 268
multi x11
Vdimme 2.85
My point is, any kind of stepping for opteron is Overclox well, so dont let the forum guys yell at u teling u ( u mite get crap stepping they rall good
). However, opty is proofed by personal experince its cooler than the Venice 3500+ . I advise anyone who wants a good overclock and good cool cpu, i suggest an opty.Once i get new MoBo that allows me higher vcore ill post my results with 3ghz hopefully
. For now iam going to start to look for a mod for this Mobo.

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no clue lol but i run all my benchmarks inculding pcmark05 and like 20min of prime i get bored easily lol i love this chip
all this on the stock heatsink lol (till i get the water all in then it's time to play)
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