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lcbie o618epmw x2 3800

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lcbie o618epmw x2 3800 can anyone link me to a site or tell me about this stepping i googled it found a bunch of random posts nothing of significance spent all day lapping cpu and heatsink and now want to try for 3.0 stable farthest i can go now was 2.7. so tomorrow after i leave this heat up all night on prime 95 it should be ready to go..but would like a little heads up on whether or not this stepping has seen 3.0 on air
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That'll be tough, not many chips can hit the big 3ghz let alone get stable.

I'm running at 2750mhz right now, as far as i can get it stable without putting 1.55 Vcore to it..

2.75Ghz @ 1.4125v

I can run windows at 2.953ghz (see sig) but its not (prime) stable at all.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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