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Let's give my rig a run for its money

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Well, i've wanted to OC my rig since i got it, and now that i've got some time on my hands, lets get to it. I'm new to OC'ing but i'll learn all that i have to. If you have some good FAQ pages about basics, those links would be great, or if you want to reply right on here, that would be just fine. I'm not afraid of getting into some reading.

I'd like to push my cpu to around 3ghz, because I know they can do it. I'm just using a stock cooler for now, but if i have to, I also have an Arctic Cooling Freezer pro 64, if needed. (plus, those Tt Armor cases have a lot of fans) Hopefully my signature shows enough of my pc specs to help you out.

thanks, this seems to be an excellent forum
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welcome to the forum! nice rig

if you want anywhere near 3GHz you will NEED that AC Freezer 64 pro FOR SURE

nice mobo. you will have no problem overclocking to near 3GHz; and your RAM is good too

your case provides TONS of airflow, with lots of fans and nice streamlined airflow design (ie which ones are intakes/exhausts) you should see very nice temps.

go to www.overclock.net/faqs and search basic amd overclocking FAQ, or go to AMD CPU's and see the stickies; those are nice
helped me oc my old 3000+
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Welcome sounds like a nice system I think your going to need the artic cooling to get to 3.0GHZ though but all in looks good.
dont worry about it. a moderator will delete it eventually.
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