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LG Cookie KP501

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Hey guys. Im getting a new mobile phone for christmas from my missus and ive been looking at getting the LG Cookie KP501 on Orange for £82 with a free gift from Orange worth £60.

Im just wondering if any ones has this phone? and if they can give me some ideas of what its like.

all the reviews i have read have been pretty good.

all i need it for is texting, music and taking a few little photo's of my builds and things.

cheers for looking!!
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My Dad has the LG cookie and I don't dislike it or like it.

It looks great but the touchscreen is not great imo. You need to use the little pen thing provided for it to be very accurate. The scroll bar with your finger is not very precise and often doesn't work.
If you plan to use the pen, then it's a nice little phone

I'd look into Sony Ericsson's Cybershot series if you want to take some decent pictures.
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cool cheers for the info.

i dont need an amazing camera i think 3.2Mega Pixel will do me fine. I quite like the idea of the pen. also i really want a nice big 3" touch screen with a qwerty keyboard.

ive had alot of sony erricsons and want a change.

at the mo i have a crap sagem that cost me £30 and has a VGA camera so i defo need to upgrade!
any one else got any reviews or info?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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