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LG vs Acer 24" LED

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I have been looking into a new monitor for a while now. From using multiple different brands at work and home i have found that i hate the inability of a majority of LCD monitors to produce a true black. It is not a major issue with online gaming for me, but when i do watch a dvd or some other media it irritates me to miss half the picture due to the lack of contrast within the rendered blacks.

This has made the LED back-lighting of LCDs an intriguing option for an upgrade. I do not play the highest speed FPS games but i do not want to see ghosting in a movie or any of my online games, i doubt this will be an issue as my current monitor in sig does not have this problem.

I am not looking to spend over $350 and am not looking to waste money on un needed flair. I had been looking at the Lg 24" for a bit now, but the reviews on new egg do not fully answer the questions i have.

so to rehack, - washed out blacks turn me off any monitor, due to this i am looking into LED back light but this could be misinformed. Super high speed gaming is not a real issue.

Options as i can find them:
1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16824005134

2. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16824009206 -- i just found this one and with no reviews i am not sure about the contrasts, quality and if there are trends of other problems.

and for good measure i found a cheaper alternative of
3. Samsung P2350 for the lower price of 199. If it will do the job with minimal issue displaying black then it is a contender.

Thank you for any advice with this, and if anyone has seen any of these, especially after calibration, i would be grateful for your inputs.


PS i am open to ideas i have not discussed if i overlooked a viable option.
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I would personally go LG.
For many reasons (the washed out blacks among them) I am keeping my huge 19" CRT until OLED become perfected and inexpensive.
Go with the LG hands down
LG final answer or Samsung! They both make top notch high quality products.
my LG 23" was amazing, tho it wasn't LED backlit, it still was an amazing display. That LG looks great, and should be an amazing display upgrade
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Originally Posted by Anth0789 View Post
LG final answer or Samsung! They both make top notch high quality products.
Yes. My Samsung P2570 is beautiful. I also saw LGs in the store and they looked pretty nice too.
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I'm going to chime in even though the OP has probably long since chosen her or his monitor, because I'm in the same predicament.

I'm building my first dedicated computing machine in lieu of being able to afford it now (and admittedly now that Star Trek Online has been released) and plan to go with a three-display Eyefinity setup. I'll pay more for energy efficiency which is why LED is attractive even though it's ~$70 more per display. The savings won't pay for itself before I have new ones, I'm sure; I just like the idea.

I'm curious to know if anyone else has purchased or used either of the monitors mentioned initially in this thread. I've used a 24" Acer monitor over the last two years for both PS3 and basic Windows operation and been very happy with it, and have no qualms with using the eDisplay software yet again for calibration (as that's been many reviewers' issue with the S243hl: both the software and its need for extensive calibration). The Acer is also around $40 cheaper than the LG and available at more retailers such as Newegg and Buy.com. So, I'm leaning that way. If anyone has any other ideas, though, I'd like to hear them.

Edit: Did notice one potential issue. The Acer is HDMI/VGA only, so for two of them I'd be using HDMI-DVI adapter. Is this going to have too much of an adverse affect on performance, or will I even notice?
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i recently did a review on my samsung, i dont know much about the acer monitors but whenever i use the hdmi on back of my samsung the contrast ratio becomes horrid and major adjustment is needed. dunno if that applies to all hdmi computer monitors. as for lg. i have two w2361v which i got for 150 off overstock.com and ecost.com. no dead/stuck pixel and imo looks better than my samsung.
LG but i need to warn you the stand is horrible it makes my monitor tilt at a weird angle instead of straight like it should be
im going to say go with the lg as well, dont know if acer ever improved their panels, but the last one i bought was flimsy as hell and found its way back to the store within one week after having the plastic stand break on it from going to a lan party and home (all my other monitors were fine)

i still got an lg premium series from 2006 somewhere around that works nicely
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i own the Lg you are looking at.
Personally, i do like it.
its big and colorful.
but out of the box you will need to adjust the colors and such to your own preference just like any other monitor.

it has a cool program that you can use to select different color patterns for movie viewing and such thing.

whats questions do you have about the LG ?
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