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LG W2252TQ used to hit 75hz, now stuck at 60!

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As title says when I originally was using this monitor I was using a HD4870 and if I dropped from 1680x1050 to 1440x900 I was about to achieve 75hz.

My PC is capable of keeping most games I play at an easy 75fps ( ALWAYS USE VSYNC ) I definitely notice its smoother than 60.

Since I've had my 275 I was using that IZ3D monitor for awhile and never noticed. Now that I'm on Windows 7 and am back on my LG I just can't seem to get it to do 75 hz!

The only resolutions that are showing capable of 75hz are the standard 4:3 resolutions. I know 100% this monitor did it at one point and I thought all I had to do was replace the PnP monitor driver w/ the LG but even now that its reporting as the correct monitor I still can't seem to fix this.

I've tried making a custom resolution of 1440x900 32bit 75hz in Rivatuner ( questioning full driver support w/ x64 and riva although I did the bcdedit for driver sigs) .

When I fire up a game like COD or WOW and put 1440x900 75hz the game loads just w/ crappy 800x600 like graphics and the monitors OSD shows I'm still at desktop resolution of 1680x1050.

Under \\ Display Props\\ monitor options in both XP 32 bit and Windows 7 I cannot even change the Desktop frequency above 60hz.

Normally I'd say this monitor just doesn't support it but I know 100% I was running VSYNC as I always run and was at 75fps locked in COD4 w/ my 4870.
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Update ... I did some research and found its an issue w/ Win7 and the new driver. I'm trying the 195 beta driver now.
Well after days of frustration I'm just about no better off than I was before.

I hope this bumps up so I can hear some feedback on others with Windows 7 and similar monitors. I've had two 22" 1650X1080 panels and both could handle 1440x900 @75hz.

I seem to remember even on Vista w/ my old 4870 having this be no problem fixing right in the ATI control panel. I remember having to do the old cool bits trick / riva / refresh force back w/ older nvidia drivers, but this is just obnoxious.

I have found tricks to turn off the forced DISPLAY scaling and be able to change to my custom made resolution of 1440x900 @75 ( verified via monitors OSD ). However ... when I go into any game, (other than counter strike 1.6 oddly) it goes right back to 60. Call of Duty and WoW alike both have options in their Graphic options to set at 75.
I have used both CRT and LCDS alike gaming since I was young. Even if you can't I can DEFINITELY see the difference from 60-75hz.

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My monitor does 1440x900 @ 75hz too but after reinstalling the drivers it would not give me a 75hz option. All I did is create a custom resolution 1440x900 @ 75hz. And when I game at that res it uses 75hz unless otherwise especified in the game.
Over the past few months using the most recent Nvidia drivers I have been forced to use 59Hz with my monitor
The 60Hz does show up in Nivida's control panel and I can select it, however once I hit the apply button it returns to 59Hz again

This was the same for me though in Vista x64 so I suspect the newer drivers.
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