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here is my high end water cooling build which i just started in few days ago and its still in process...... case p80 red and black powder coated, full psu cable sleeved

specs are:

asus rampage iv extreme
asus hd 7950 direct cuii top
asus xonar dx2
asus dvd drive
intel core i7 3930k
corsair dom gt quad 16gb memory
corsair force gt 120gb ssd
corsair hx1050 psu
wd 1tb black

water cooling

ek full board chipset waterblock
ek hf cpu waterblock
ek 2 4x ram waterblock
ek hd7950 waterblock
ek 360 xtx rad
ek 150 reservoir
laing d5 with alphacool high flow top
3 coolermaster 2000rpm red fans


changed all case fans to red led and custom side panel window done by my self!


my beast Asus rampage with water block on and asus 7950 direct cu2 top with block on!!!!


guys there will be more to come so please any advice or suggestions would be nice!!

guys need little help here!!!

shall i go with this tubing setting




i like the 2nd picture setting though but i cant decide...... sorry for the poor pic quality!

anyone can please suggest anything or better?
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