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Lian Li PC-A70 Case & Bulgin Switch

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I have a Lian Li PC-A70 case and I want to use a bulgin switch for the power, But this case has this as the power/reset:


I wouldnt be able to install the bulgin with that board there.

This is the front of my case:


I was wondering if the reset switch from the LIAN LI PC-V1000Z would fit, Since it seems its wired and not on a board, But I could be wrong as its hard to tell.
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You are correct about the board getting in the way. I'm not sure the specs on lian li switch you're thinking about substituting.

I can tell you what does work for sure. I dropped a 22mm bulgin in for power, and drilled out the reset hole to accept a 16mm bulgin for the reset.

You can check out the build log in my sig for details.
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