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Compared to my PC-7FW this thing is a monster!

It is pretty much the exact same case except 7 inches taller and longer!

Just got everything stripped off it and hopefully it will go out for powder coating in the next day or so and i will be ready to reassemble when the rest of my stuff from performance -pcs shows up on monday

Everything is going to be black, case interior and exterior, cable sleaving, evga mobo, evga 275. ek chipset water blocks, rasa cpu water block and still debating on going with black tygon uv tubing or staying with clear....

the hd cage in the upper rear is going away because of the radiator up there.

side panel with window is on its way, top panel with 2 120mm fan holes is on the way... cable sleaving will be done this weekend (first attempt)

the only thing im gonna have to do that would really be considered modding (besides the paint) will be some holes for cable routing and 2 holes in top panel for the start and reset buttons. Ill also be redoing my fan controller integration into the drive bay cover. other than that it should be a pretty straight forward put it together build.

if anyone has any other ideas of what i could do to make a little more interesting fell free to post ideas.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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