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Welcome to my build log

This build is not based round any particular theme just the addition of a vertical mounted graphics card.

Those of you that have followed me in the past know my preferred cases are Parvum.
Thought It was time for me to move on and try something new.
As i recently bought a Phanteks glacier g1080cpu waterblock i thought it only fitting to use a Phanteks case.
The model I have chosen is a Enthoo Evolv ATX Glass.


Motherboard will not fit without cutting the case around so it will no longer be used

Now using lian li PC-O10


CASE: lian li PC-O10
CPU: Intel Core i7 6800K Broadwell
MB: Asus Rampage V Edition 10
RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum
PSU: lian li 750watt sfx Platinum
VGA: GTX 1080 FE
HDD: Samsung
CABLES: Undecided
Lighting: Undecided
Fans: Corsair ML120


CPU Block: EK-FB ASUS R5-E10 Monoblock RGB Edition
VGA Bock: Phanteks glacier g1080cpu block
Backplate: EK
RADS: Magicool G2 slim
TUBING: Bitspower acrylic
COOLANT: Mayhems

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Sorry about the picture quality but I just snapped it with my phone.

Did a test boot last night and noticed that the pinouts on the Phanteks are different to the EK and Asus.
Motherboard AURA Lighting Control was set to red, then I connected the Phanteks splitter cable to the motherboard connector.
The GPU waterblock and EK CPU waterblock were then plugged into the splitter cable.
Result was as in the picture, EK turns from red to blue but the Phanteks stay red.
I then plugged the EK straight into the motherboard header and it turns red again.
I suspect the pinouts on the Phanteks splitter are configured for their case lighting strips, should be an easy mod to put right.


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How to connect the EK RGB connector to a Phantek splitter

Just remove the cables from the EK connector and put them back as shown in the picture.

Its not the correct connector but they will go together.
You can always re pin the cables and use the correct Phantek connector but it works.

All led's are now in sync.

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