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I cannot recommend TU-150. In real life it looks and feels clumsy and oversized. It has no charm like TU-100/ TU-200 in my view. I'll stick with my beloved TU-200 awaiting Raptor Lake if air-cooler will be produced for Z790. There should be a revival for this all-time best looking star of pc cases.
Thanx. Yeah, I liked the visuals of tu-100/200 a lot better to be honest. TU-150 is a bit too large for what it brings to the table, in my opinion. But eh it is what it is, its the one that is available atm if one feels that he needs: full length GPU, the handle and actually intends to carry the case and its contents around with him.

For a starts its basically large enough to be mATX if the cable management cage would be slightly less offset. Combine that with only supporting one 120mm front and one 120mm back (bottom opening is kinda questionable if GPU is actually used) and well ...

So that is why I am looking around to see what people have done with one. I'd rather not build my own fully custom case, to be honest ;)
1641 - 1641 of 1641 Posts