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LIAN LI PC-V1000BPlus II - viable for overclocking?

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In the process of trying to piece together my first custom built PC, with the eventual desire to overclock (once I learn how). Figured a good place to start would be the case. The forums seem to highlight the Antec 900, the Armor, and the Coolermaster Stacker series as the way to go, but the Lian-Li brand seems to be held as the top of the line when it comes to cases. I really like the design and look of the V1000B Plus II:


Is this a viable case to build a solid air cooled system off of? In one of the Newegg reviews, it mentions that certain motherboards with heat pipes are going to be a problem, as they are mounted upside down in this particular case. Also, the CPU vent thingy in the case looks like it may obstruct coolers such as the Tuniq Tower or the Zalman 9700. Finally, there is mention of some power supply units not fitting nicely.

What do you all think? It gets pretty amazing reviews, and given it is built to last, I'm happy to spend the money if it will meet what I'd eventually like to use it for. An idea of what my system may look like:

1) Quad core Intel chip once the price drops. (Although, on a side note, I've read the new C2D non-Quads with the higher frontside bus may actually be better performers for a lower price - anyone know anything on this?)

2) RAID 0 setup. Not sure which drives yet.

3) 4 gigs RAM.

4) Probably an 8800GTS 320MB until the new 9 series is released, then I'll upgrade.

5) I like what I've read about the P5N32 motherboard, but if it has the heat pipes that could be a problem.

6) PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad power supply.

Like I said, still very new at this stuff so if you need more info, let me know. Thanks.
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It is an amazing case. However, I like the look of the v2000 better...

It will definitely aid you in overclocking pleasure.

Check out my v2000 mod in my sig.
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It is a very nice case. Very Solid build, good airflow. I was going to get one before I had the Super Tower thought. You'll be happy with it. I just don't like those dang wheels on it, lol

Originally Posted by funkycasey View Post
It is a very nice case. Very Solid build, good airflow. I was going to get one before I had the Super Tower thought. You'll be happy with it. I just don't like those dang wheels on it, lol
You can unscrew them
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those are my favorite cases (Lian Li's)-- i love the functional simplicity
, and really cant stand those cases that look like flashy toys-
. i would definitely fet one if they werent so damn expensive.

also you are the second person to mention the orientation of heatpipes affecting their cooling performance-- it does not. heat pipes operate the same regardless of whether they are turned upside doen or right side up. liquid evaporates and migrates to the cooler end of the pipe(regardless of the position) it then condenses and is wicked back to the hot end.

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QNine, I agree with D3DAiM, the v2000 is a great case.

The v1000 is awesome as well though, and would definitely help you in overclocking and in aesthetics

Oh, and because I hate how much those cases cost at Newegg:

http://www.xoxide.com/lianlipcv1000b.html - $174 at this site for the v1000

http://www.xoxide.com/v2000b.html - $220 for the v2000, which is about $60 less than newegg and only $10 more than what you were going to spend on the v1000 at newegg. You should really consider this case, it's HUGE!! lol
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Hey all,

Nice, good to hear the case is a solid one. Question - is there any significant feature about the 2000 that the 1000 doesn't have, minus space obviously? I ask because the 1000 is sized perfectly for my desk, but the 2000 is just too damn big for it. I live in a super cramped room (SF is damn expensive) and don't have any other place other than my desk to put the tower. So, unless the 2000 has some other major advantage, I think the 1000 would be the winner just on the fact that it actually fits.

Anything else I need to know about the two cases other than one is larger than the other?
Just realized that the 1000 may not fit the power supply I had been considering - PC Power & Cooling 750 Silencer Quad. Is that actually true? If so, what power supplies would you suggest?
I am pretty sure the v1000 and v2000 are the same exact size. The only thing that is different, I believe, is the appearance.
Hey D3D - actually the 1000 is a mid tower and the 2000 is a full tower. One is quite a bit bigger than the other, and they actually do look similar
Your modded 2000 looks really sweet BTW.
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Nt sure on the PSU...but the Silverstone Decathalon is shorter...and a great PSU
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