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Heres the story:

A few weeks back I snagged Gizmo's awesome Lian Li V1000 case with the intention of modding it. I already knew I'm going to have to give it some color because silver is so 2005, at the time I bought this case I didn't know what color. For a long time I've been drooling over Soldam cases with their awesome colored anodize jobs (something Lian Li doesn't offer). So I want to transform this Lian Li into a first class case that matches or beat the look of a Soldam.

In particular this caught my eye:

And about 30 seconds in Photoshop:

The exterior of the case needs to be powdercoated white (will be contacting CyberDruid of course!) and the interior needs to be anodized red. I don't want it that deep of a red as in the doctored pic, but you guys get the idea. White, red and a touch of black is going to be the color scheme.

So last night, after letting the v1000 sit in it's shipping box for about a two weeks, I decided to move over my LGA1366 system over to "feel out" the layout of the case. Here's the result:

Excuse the non-existent cable management, its just a shakedown run.

While I was building the case I immediately noticed that the shell of the case is directly riveted to the interior. Now, I'm an EE so I'm a solder jockey but have zero riveting experience. Luckily after a few minutes at Google I found out they're pop-rivets so it's something I can Home-Depot up (as in the tool and replacement rivets are cheap and readily available).

Here's the pic of the rivets holding the interior to the exterior:

I should be able to figure something out on how to drill out rivets and install them so that's not gonna be an issue.

The biggest issues are visible case damage case mods:

Gizmo used this to run an ATX 12V:

However I'm gonna be running the EPS12V behind the mobo for this build so I need to find a way to fix/cover it up somehow. My original idea was to completely replace the false bottom divider with something like white acrylic or an illuminated panel but it has that rise to meet the HDD cage in the front - that's not practical for me. A better idea is just cut up a piece of acrylic to the dimensions of the false bottom from the back of the case up to the part where it rises and create another layer on top of it. It's pretty rectangular I'm going to manage it - I hope

The biggest problem is this:

I don't know what this was going to be, but it needs fixing. Since Lian Li's are very popular cases, I doubt I can find someone willing to give me a part of their 5.25" bay holders from an already rare case like the v1000. I have zero sanding, grinding or metal work experience so I'm at a dead end with this one
Any readers have an idea?

Other extra tidbits:
The window. I want to do something like smoke acrylic, maybe with a very slight red tint to it. The current clear window has phillips heads holding them down so it's definitely something I can do within an hour or so - easy.

Inside, I'm probably going to wire up white LEDs from the top facing down to emphasize the red anodize inside - a job for a solder jockey, piece of cake.

The Corsair HX-1000 also comes with obscenely long cables so they also need to be shortened. I have some molex tips but I lost my molex tool, and wirestripper somewhere. They're going to be run through the back of the mobo down to the PSU (except the 24-pin ATX one) though the hole Gizmo already pressed out. Wires are going to be uni-sleeved. 90% white with 10% red, I'll order a couple packs of both sleeve colors, at MDPC-X later this week and see how it goes.

Anodize the TRUE120 same color as interior.

Find someone selling 2x reference 5870 coolers so I can powdercoat the back plate and spray paint the some parts of it white - I lose my XFX Warranty without a stock cooler.

Dremel out a hole for 2x 120mm fans on top of the case.

That's about it for now. This is just a brainstorm. The first priority will be to find someone who can anodize the case since I don't know anyone that are able to do it. Honestly if I can't find someone that can do it, then this project is a no go. It's probably going to be done last, however.

So to sum some things up here are the steps to do this project (no particular order):
  1. Anodize + Powdercoat case and TRUE120
  2. Learn how to drill out rivets and how to use a pop-rivet
  3. Fix 5.25" bay deep scratches
  4. Fix false bottom cutout
  5. Uni-sleeve and shorten cables
  6. Pimp out the S-Flex fans to match color scheme
  7. Build an LED strip to mount on top of the case
  8. Find 2x reference 5870 coolers.
Thanks for reading.

Ohh, extra unused picture:

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Subbed, I can't wait to see this.
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