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Lian Li V2100 Modded

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I am thinking about selling this case and I wanted to know what I could get for it.

To request more detailed images, PM me.

- Custom Red acrylic side window
- Custom red acrylic front (seen in 3D visual)
- 2x120mm grille in top
- 3x120mm grille in bottom
- 1x120mm grille in center divider
- PSU reversed for better airflow
- Powder coated Expansion covers

- 2x15" Cathodes (Red)
- 7x120mm Scythe 2,000RPM 87CFM Fans
- 2x80mm Blue LED fans
- 2x Mesh fan filters.
- Original solid aluminum side panel (Replaced by Side panel with window)

Please let me know what it is worth. Only used for 4 months. No physical damage.

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Originally Posted by Enigma8750
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150.00 quick bucks
225.oo Slow bucks

really? That is cheap. I would say in the area of 300-350, because of the custom work.
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I would save at least the same cost as a new case, maybe 20% more than retail with the custom work.
$350 sounds good, but I am just worried about shipping.
$300+shipping. Yeah modded cases are hard to sell unless local because of the weight and size of them.
Do you have a pic with the door open? It looks like you did some custom work there as well.
Not yet, I cut a test peice out today with clear acrylic. I am cutting the final peice out tomorrow. I will post around 3pm EST.
That box is looking pretty sweet. That said, I am sure $300 shipped should be pretty easy to find from someone who would appreciate the custom work.
Almost done. Finished final piece, Just have to permanently mount it.

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