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[lifehacker] Songbird 1.0 Release Candidate Improves Stability, Album Art Handling

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Windows/Mac/Linux: Songbird, the open-source media player built on Mozilla code, has reached a feature-complete release candidate stage, meaning you can take a look at how the 1.0 release will look and feel before any remaining bugs are knocked down. New since the 0.7 beta is the use of the GStreamer backend on every platform, to improve reliability and extendability, support for WMA, AAC, and Ogg Vorbis media files, drag-and-drop album artwork management, and the ability to use existing smart playlists as the default rules for new smart playlists. There's a bunch of other improvements and efficiencies, so feel free to grab a copy and see what's new before the player's official release. Songbird is a free download for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems.


This has got to be one of the most complete music players i have come across

The concerts plugin is very handy for searching gigs at a location near you

Tired of your music, listen to some fresh tunes on internet radio with the shoutcast plugin

You can even browse the web

Plays movies as well

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looks pretty sleek, though i don't understand why people just don't use wmp 11 it pretty awsome
Foobar2000 remains king in my book.
J. River Media Jukebox 12
native ASIO and Flac support as well as a pretty good interface.
although i may have to give this a look see.
LemonDrips, i find it funny that you don't have a hot girl in your avatar anymore, lol...

anyways, i meant to try this on Linux - don't think i ever got round to it...
Looks ugly and like the GUI was designed by a 3 year old.

Originally Posted by Papa.Smurf View Post
looks pretty sleek, though i don't understand why people just don't use wmp 11 it pretty awesome
Not cross platform. Not open source.

The GUI in the screenshots is not the actual interface! I downloaded Songbird RC 1.0 last night... I would know. The songbird gui may be customized much like themes in Firefox. It is, after all, based on Mozilla Firefox.

As far as I'm concerned, it's identical to 0.7, and maybe slightly less stable. (The second time I ran it, it froze).
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MediaMonkey rules my hdd.

Songbird was neat but meh.
i <3 mediamonkey too

But im not sure its made for linux.. i installed songbird on my laptop and its pretty sweet, though it froze yesterday lol
I love Songbird, however the one thing it lacks is its ability to update your library by scanning a directory. Otherwise it's the only audio player I use in Linux. I never tried using it for video, might do that sometime. By the way, Pineapple Express is an awesome movie (hint hint, nudge nudge, it's okay, I did too...).
Amarok w/MySQL, ftw!
Nothing will replace MPD for me.
Will 1.0 still eat up 500mb of ram like the last version did?

Originally Posted by dangerousHobo
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Nothing will replace MPD for me.

wow, that's actually pretty wicked. I've never heard of anything like this... pretty cool! +(imaginary rep) i'd give you a real one if I could
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