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Originally Posted by nwkegan View Post

Hi guys,

I've done a lot of research but can't quite find what I'm looking for. I know it's a hard find; that's why I'm turning to you guys for help! Thanks in advance.

Girlfriend is going back to school soon and the laptop she started using last semester is simply too heavy for her. It's a Dell Inspiron 15-3537. It's a little over 5 lbs.

Specs I'm looking for:

Must be Windows (Chromebooks cannot run her school's exam software.)
Smallest screen size is 13 inches, 14 inches and up is preferable.
No heavier than 4.2lbs, 4lbs and under preferable.
$450 is the maximum - I know it's low, but it's what we can do. Refurbished is OK, used is not.

Any ideas? I'm really striking out here.

Thanks again.
First. What would your GF be using your laptop for?
Second. Does battery life matter?
Third. Will the laptop be charge in all the time or not?
Any more details will be appreciate.

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Originally Posted by nwkegan View Post

Thanks, sorry for excluding those details. United States, we're in California.

She watches movies, writes papers, and takes exams. No real gaming to speak of, or photoshop, etc. For what it's worth, she gets frustrated if the computer is not fast enough to be responsive, and we've had some issues with Windows 8 on that i3-4010u. Is fine with Win7 (even prefers it), and doesn't care about a touchscreen.

She says she'll keep it plugged in most of the time, as there are outlets available throughout her school, so battery life isn't super important.
Okay, there are few that I can think of but with that budget. There is a good chance that your GF will be using a slow CPU.

HP Stream 11 or 13 is a good choice.
- Lightweight
- Affordable
- Comes with 1 year Office 365
- 32GB SSD for Windows 8.1 (you will need an external HDD for junks)
- Both of them are rocking Intel Celeron

ACER Aspire E 11
- Similar as HP Stream 11
- Except it doesn't come with 1 year Office 365

ASUS T100 w/ Docking Keyboard
- 2-in-1 Tablet/Laptop
- 10"
- Docking Keyboard has 500GB of storage while the tablet itself is 32GB
- Comes with free 1 year Office 365
- Intel Atom Quad Core
- Better battery life I believe
- Affordable
(She can basically use the tablet for portable use and pull out the keyboard for typing.)

- Similar to other laptop that I have mention
- Doesn't come with free 1 year Office 365

Another option is that you can tryout Lenovo Outlet Laptops
You can find great refurbish/used/possibly new laptop.
Stick with i3 or i5 if possible.
I can't really link each of them because it is either come and go type.
I did hear they do have bad support for Outlet, but I don't know so don't take my word for it.
For me, Lenovo is quite reliable and really good laptop keyboard.

My final recommendation.
I would vote for ASUS T100 w/ Docking Keyboard (500GB).
It is extremely portable and lightweight with great battery life.
You can use both as a laptop and/or tablet.
It is quite convenient if you asked me.
However, you will lacked a processing power compare to most "affordable" laptop that comes with Dual Core CPU and has horrible battery life, I never used ASUS T100 before but I do hear a lot of positive reviews for it.
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