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Limiting Bandwith on Router

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I have the WRT54G. Is there some way to limit the internet bandwidth each computer can take?

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What version of the router do you have?

If you have a v1, 2, 3, or 4, you can flash your router to victek's modded tomato firmware which has IP/MAC bandwidth limiting in it.
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hmm... i have version 6 anything i can do now?

Originally Posted by darksideleader
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hmm... i have version 6 anything i can do now?

I believe version 6 is the only version of the entire WRT54G series (including WRT54GS and WRT54GL) that is not supported by any 3rd-party firmware because it uses a completely different chipset.

I'll do some looking around and let you know.


It seems like that was only the case with version 7 - sorry for making you worry

Go here and write "WRT54G" in the router column:

Find version 6 and follow the link to the wiki.
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very nice, thanks a bunch.
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