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Lines on toshiba satallite screen

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So my friend has a toshiba satallite laptop. I don't know the exact model number yet. But she seys that she has to press onto the top left of the screen the screen to display anything clearly. If she doesn't hold the top left corner down she gets tons of lines across the screens.
I haven't gotten my hands on the laptop yet becuase we're both working this weekend. but i'd like to get an idea of what i need to do.
+rep for any help!
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Take it apart and re-seat the screen cables.
Check to see if any solder has cracked.

Use a DMM to test for any bad connections.

It might be a loose cable, cracked solder, bad screen...

It sounds like the GPU is fine, but just to check, try using an external monitor.
Either the screen itself or the inverter. Normally inverters don't cause this problem, but I've seen it every once in a great while.

Take the screen assembly apart and check for physical damage to the screen. Also check to make sure the connection in the back of the screen to the motherboard is solid.

Also, is the screen dim at all, or is it just the lines? If it's dim then that's the inverter not powering the backlight. Like I said, inverters usually don't cause lines, but I've seen it happen. My guess is that the screen itself is damaged in some manner. Especially with the note about her applying pressure.
Sounds like screen damage to me. My roommate always made a habit of picking his laptop up by the screen on one corner and now he has an inch and a half thick line toward the right side that's tinted blue.
alright, i got the laptop today and i plugged in an external monitor. It worked fine on an external monitor. So now we know its screen damage.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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