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LINKSYS Media Center Extender->Help please

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Hey everyone,

I am looking into getting an XPS laptop, please dont flame my choice I am just looking. Anyway I saw on the website that you can connect it to your TV and play the media center through it and watch movies and such through the media center and onto the tv. The picture I am talking about is here. When the video loads click on "Theater" and you will see what I am talking about. Well they have a product here called the Media Center Extender which wirelessly broadcasts the media center application to the TV.

My question is can you plug the laptop directly into the TV via a cable rather than buy a $200 wireless transmitter type thing. Does anyone know FOR SURE?

Thanks alot!
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Well, if the laptop has s-video out which it probabley does, just take an s-video and connect em.

Oh and i've heard good things about Dell's XPS' good choice
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Yes, if it has S-Video out, or any other video out standard that your TV can use. I use my computer to watch DVD's on my TV since I dont have a DVD player.
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