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linux noob needs help

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I'm tired of the crash with my xp and im thinking of upgrading my video card with a gts 250, question i have is with my current rig what kind or type of linux os should i get? main purpose of my rig is to watch blu ray movies, download stuff and play games like nfs most wanted, lord of the ring battle for middle earth, and starcraft 2( if it ever comes out)...
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New to Linux? I would defintely get Ubuntu. Linux Mint (based off Ubuntu) is a good choice as well, and comes with a lot of codecs & stuff preinstalled.
Blu-Ray might be a problem, though development is moving along. I think that one still has to rip a blu-ray to the hard drive before it can play.

It looks like the hackers have already released "libbluray" which is basically the blu-ray version of "libdvdcss." However, I don't believe any distros are shipping with it yet. You have to compile it from source.

See this thread for details on how to play the discs in Ubuntu.

Also, if you want to see a technical discussion of how the blu-ray hackers are coming along, see this thread.
for game support you'll need to use a program called WINE. you might want to check wine's compatibility lists at


to see if the games you want will run well
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