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Hi and Happy New Year!

Apparently the fans are to be set up using the splitter cable on the 4-pin CPU header. The pump which is NOT PWM can be set up on any fan header on the board, 3 or 4 pin. The pump speed is to be controlled by voltage, either settings in the BIOS or a fan controller...

Then follow the directions that came with the cooler and watch this video:


And this review:


Are you sure you really want this cooler? It has a copper block with an aluminum radiator = corrosion. Combing two dis-similar metals in a loop is bad business! You' be better off having a cooler with a copper block and a copper radiator...

Is budget a problem?

If you really want this cooler go ahead and get it... I'm not too familiar with it.. Good Luck...
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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