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List your top 5 games!

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Been away from PC gaming for almost all year, the only game i purchased this year is orange box and i did not even play it yet!

My new computer should be on its way soon and worse case scenario i should get it before my 2 1/2 week xmas vacation!

I need some suggestions on what to buy

Love RPG's, RTS's MMORPG's some adventure games and of course FPS's. I refuse to pay full price for ****ty games, in general i like to wait for 25-30$ max per title.

I am going to pick up sins of a solar empire from impulse at 10$ and either the THQ bundle from steam or the Demigod/supreme commanderx2 bundle from impulse. And if i can find it for 20-30$ will be getting Crysis Warhead.

I will of course also check out the other steam deals this week.

On the fence for dragon age, im sure its amazing but 38$ with no DLC will get expensive before im done with it. Thinking of waiting for 30$ with all the DLC.

Could use a few suggestions, really want a kick ass PFS with great online multiplayer, something that i will play for 6+ months, thinking TF2 maybe?
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My three genre favorites:
TF2 (best FPS ever)
Age of Empires II
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

I've heard good things about Supreme Commander, I'm planning on getting it. C&C3: Tiberium Wars is supposed to be pretty good as well. Portal is a short but fun experience.
half-life (series I know I cheat)
Civilization 4
Rome Total War
World of Warcraft
Jedi Academy
Age of Empires 2
Sim City 4

Honorable mentions to:
The Sims 2
GTA San Andreas
Max Payne 2
Hrm...My all-time top 5?

In this order, from best to worst:

Fallout 3
Garry's Mod
Half Life 2
Episode 2

Criteria I used:

How long have I been playing it?
How epic is the storyline?
How easy is it to mod?
How well it runs on my machine?
And most importantly of all, is it fun?

Just for the record: The only reason Gmod is so high in the list is that I've been playing it regularly for over a year and it hasn't gotten old. It has no set goal or plot. Sheer lasting power is why it's Number 2 on the list. No other game I've ever played has that kind of staying power. Fallout 3 is trying for it, tho, I haven't been able to put it down for three months now. FO3 got number one on storyline and ease of modding....I dare say it's easier to make mods for it than for Gmod!
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I'm a WoW player, and I love it most. But some other fun games that I've played...

Fallout 3 is a fantastic game, Crysis and Warhead are both great, and you can get both in a "Maximum" edition now for a good price. Orange box contains excellent games, I know people that have played TF2 for a VERY long time. And of course any warfare that is modern is great times.
1. Modern Warfare 2
2. ArmA 2
3. ArmA: Armed Assault
5. Sim City 4

Garry's mod would of been number 2 (and on the list). I just can't stand the kids who scream and whine about every little thing.

Crysis & Crysis Warhead
L4D games
Dragon Age
Modern Warfare
Fallout 3

For Dragon Age, I have the Golem DLC and some items but I don't think the current DLC is really worth it since it's pretty short. I heard the Warden's Keep expansion pack is only like 30 minutes long or something like that. My first character has about 41 hours on him and about two days after finishing I started another character that has 5 hours. If your in to RPG's like Baldurs Gate then I would say that it's worth the money even without DLC.

Oblivion and Fallout 3 are pretty solid. Although I never ended up finishing the games I always came close and had a good time playing them.
Assassin's Creed
1. Minecraft

Not much you can play with this rig

EDIT: My sig rig is a planned upgrade.
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Fallout 3
Half-Life 1 (1998, yes)
Team Fortress Classic

Not sure about the 5th. I play Borderlands a lot but I have games that I enjoy more.
For me, I'd have to say...

1. Entire Half-Life 2 series
2. GTA4 (but I heard PC version is terrible, so maybe you shouldn't bother)
2. MGS4 (PS3 exclusive...
2. Counter-Strike: Source
3. Team Fortress 2
4. Portal
5. Battlefield 2

Each of these games should be well within your $30 max price limit.
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Not My all time faves but ATM, my top 5 playing ones
1: l4d2
2: Diablo 2
3: GTA
4: CSS
5: Insurgency
1.Half Life Series
2.S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Games
3.Fallout 3
Hmmm, hard one.

I think I'll go with:

Fallout 3
Assassin's Creed
COD4 + 6 SP
Battlefield 1942- BF2
COD 1,2,4,6
Supreme commander
Red Alert 2
Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 &2
( all time favorite lol)
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COD4 (my favorite game ever)
NFS Shift
COD MW2 (single player, i hate the multi)
It gets under my skin that people cannot provide a list of FIVE games in a thread that asks for FIVE games. COD 1-6 is not ONE game. All Super Mario Games is not ONE game.
^Frankie says relax.
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