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Little RAID issue

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Ive got RAID0 with two drives running on a dell and normally it boots up fine, but sometimes it get hung up at the screen that shows the raid settings right before it boots to windows. also i noticed whenever i have my external hard drive plugged in and i try to boot it gets hung up at that screen every time and wont boot. anybody know what this could be about?
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Sounds like a Harddrive or BIOS Issue. Its more likely the BIOS. Make sure you have everything configured correctly and that you are running the latest Motherboard BIOS.
Sounds like it might be trying to boot from the external when it is plugged in. Go into the BIOS and check your boot priority and see if the external is listed first......

I am assuming this problem with the hanging (without the external) just started and it was working fine before? What have you changed before it started hanging?
yea thats what i thought at first too, but ive got the raid drives set as the first thing to boot. i just setup the raid and reinstalled windows a week ago and its been doing it ever since i set it up so i dont think its something i changed
Make sure you have devices turned OFF that aren't connected.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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