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So here is my problem, and I am really hoping you guys can help me out. I recently upgraded my rig to whats in my sig. Previously I had a AM2 6000+ dual core, 2-8800gt's in sli, a different board and different ram. Since I have upgraded everything works fine except that now for some reason media center stutters playing live tv. I have a recording that I made before the upgrade and it plays fine. Movies are fine, just live tv (and consequently anything recorded from tv) stutters and freezes.

I have the latest video drivers
latest audio drivers
I have removed my oc
changed the refresh rate
rolled back my vid drivers
changed pci slots for my sound card in case of irq conflicts
changed irq in bios

I am at my wits end. I have looked for literally hours on the internet and cannot find a solution. It is a common problem with literally a hundred possible causes. The only thing I think i know for sure is that it has something to do with my new hardware. Is there a way maybe to uninstall and reinstall media center? Also, my bios is 1.4

Thanks in advance and +rep for positive responses!
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