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This is the first write up like this I've ever done and likely will be the last.
First off let me apologize for the lack of screenshots/pictures/cpuid proof. The station in question is in my bedroom without a monitor (32" from newegg was defective and is being RMA'd) - I just wanted to leave a digital trail of my experience for anyone else who decides to do the same.

Llano HTPC build w/A4-3400

So, last Wednesday, I received my new HTPC build starring the AMD A4-3400 & the ASRock A55M-HVS along with some old g.skill 1866 Ripjaws I had lying around.

For a quick rundown - those who don't know the A4-3400 CPU should probably be aware that this is a dual core chip clocked @ 2.7 (27x100) with 160 Radeon cores. Nothing special on either the CPU or GPU side of things, but the performance is more than acceptable given the chosen role of the system as well as the low cost of the components.

After receiving it, of course the first thing I did was boot it and see what this little CPU could churn out. 4500 3dmark 2k6... Not impressive, but still more than enough for an HTPC that might get NFS or SF4 or something light-duty periodically.

After reading some articles out there - there is a write up here which is nice, as well as tom's & anandtech I got a decent grip on overclocking Llano, but had no real idea of what to expect from the A4/dual core APUs.

The general takeaway from all of these articles is that the CPU/GPU combo sharing RAM makes for some bandwidth issues. The easiest way around this is to increase RAM speeds.

After my first run through @ 4500 marks, I rebooted changed the RAM to 1866 but left all other performance settings 'auto'. This netted 5500 marks.

After this, I looked back over the articles mentioned above and found their biggest increases were bclk/RAM together (big surprise, I know).
I took the multi down from 27 to 20 and upped the bclk to 136 (highest the A55M supports at this time) and came back up to Windows without any hitches. Slowly did this and upped my multi back up to 26, made it to Windows and froze up in the first test for 3dmark 2k6. One of the articles mentioning upping the vcore .05, so I gave that a shot -- 136x26 (3536mhz) became stable, and my 3dmark 2k6 score moved to 5821.

My 30% OC was achieved by doing the following--
BCLK as high as bootable (136)
Reduce Multi by 1
Increase vcore by .05

Decreased blck to 134 & pushed RAM clock to 2148 (I think? Not above 2200 for sure.)
Now I'm up to 6048 in 3dmark 2k6!
My LCD should be arriving on Friday for this guy so I can finally get it installed and rock htpc #2 in the house! This one is definitely the favorite... thinking of selling the other to put funds towards building one with an A8.

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I did buy the same setup ,i was google for compatibility for the AssRock A55-HVS ,AMD Llano A3400 2.7Ghz and G-skill 8Gb (2x4Gb) 1866 also a video card Galaxy GT430, and i find this post, because after i buy it, i look on the Assrock web page about memory supported for this mobo , this ones wasnt on the list so i was worried , when i turn it on the system run ok but show the memory 8Gb but 1066 not 1866, i never OverClock a system before and im nervous to do it, i dont want to mess it up, i know this is a cheap system but for my is a great PC, i can play Mass Effect 2 and 3 very nice with Win 7-64 and i run 3DMark06 test with result 7394, you think i need or i can do overclock as you did?
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