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lmao @ core contact freezer

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at the silenx rebadge actually...

i ordered this kit: http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/lgboforulula.html
for my core contact freezer in an attempt to try and replace the terrible mount that it came with. once it came in the mail today, i had to take my board out of the case and dremel the old mount off of the heatsink (while it was still attached to the board) in order to get the thing off of my mobo. i'd tried to pull it off the way it was meant to be removed for over an hour using various forms of leverage before doing that.

the new hold down bracket would not fit in between the heatpipes, so i tried to bend it with some pliers and then planned on bending it back to the normal shape once it was on the cooler. well, in doing that, i ended up breaking one of the little screw holes off of the hold down, so that left me with only 3 locations to bolt through the board. since i'd destroyed the other hold down kit, i went ahead and bolted it up to the board (needed to use a washer to overcome that big dimple in the middle of the bracket) using the three holes that were left...

and im getting better temps than I was on the stock sunbeam bracket

i should have probably just bought a true, it would have saved me so much effort and cash in buying all of this extra stuff

im hoping that this will work for me:
so i can finally get this heatsink mounted up in an acceptable manner
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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