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Lo everyone!

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Hi everyone, I'm Tizmo from Germany and decided to join because this site because I like playing around with computers and there is LOTS of excellent information here!

I have never built an own system before, but am about to. I got my current computer in the summer of 2005 and it was my first computer that I bought and have now decided that I will always build my own from know on. Over time, I have added in newer stuff, like more RAM, a better video card and power supply. I know my RAM and CPU and Mobo are bottlenecking my video card, but that's why I want to build. I know a decent bit about hardware etc, but I hope to gain further knowledge of that here, especially about overclocking.

Anyway, this looks very promising and hope to help others to the best of my knowledge and in return, learn new things myself.
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Cheers everyone!

Well, if you say "Ich bin ein Berliner", it does mean "I am a Berlin Sausage".

If you want to say that you are from Berlin, you would say "Ich bin Berliner".

Anyway, I look forward to posting here!

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