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Locked BIOS features: is it possible?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 TR4 laptop PC. My BIOS is Phoenix. I've been told laptop manufacturers sell their machines with most BIOS features unaccessible to the ordinary user. It's not like in desktop PCs, where you can access most of the features, tuning things a bit better. Is it the case? Does anybody know about it? If it's true, can we get access codes to "unlock" the BIOS? Where should I look?

Thank you.
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I am guessing from reading in these forums that most laptops probably have their bios's locked down. And other than software changes to FSB (which is limited)you cannot "unlock" the bios. Although there may be a physical mod somewhere on the forums, but only for a few of them.
I have Phoenix Award Bios... and it is locked down... maybe the same?

If it's true, can we get access codes to "unlock" the BIOS? Where should I look?

the codes you are referring to are for users that put passwords on their BIOS...then forget the password. The 'code' will allow you in the BIOS, by-passing the password the user setup.
there is no code to change the BIOS options. They are locked for a reason. your laptop will melt to your legs/table....
Sideburns, there must be a combination of codes to enter features which might be concealed from the users' eyes. Just like the service mode for TVs, you know? i'm not referring to a forgotten password by-pass, but to a service code to enter hidden features in BIOS. Like: can i overclock my Toshiba? How? Thanx guys!
yeah, you prolly' can OC it...using software, like Systool, or ClockGen..there are a few others too. As far as BIOS goes..no..no codes..it doesnt work like that for OEM, the features are simply not built on the mobo...so there is nothing to enable.

The only BIOS codes for OEM mobo's are for the BIOS itself, to bypass a forgotten password..thats it.
Thanx CL3P20. That's what I was begininng to wonder browsing here and there. OEM lappie mobos are not like desktop ones. As for the proggies to OC, I'll look around.

Theres two...you need to do some research and find out what clock chip your mobo has...once identified, you can use the programs easily.
Way to go CL3P20. I'll have a look and see what I can do. Which one do u like the most?
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the BIOS

Seriously, overclocking your laptop is a BAD idea
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