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Members of Raptr can use the reward program to claim the following offers:

60% off Logitech Modern Warfare 3 Peripherals
Laser Mouse G9X: Made for Call of Duty® $99.99 - $20 instant - $40 coupon = $40 w/free shipping
Gaming Keyboard G105: Made for Call of Duty® $79.99 - $20 instant - $28 coupon = $32 w/ free shipping

35% off Logitech G-Series peripherals
Many products to list, check this page to see everything available.

You must register an account with Raptr and achieve a certain number of play hours in particular games to be eligible to redeem these coupons but if you have played this games before and have current hours logged through Steam, XBL, PSN, X-fire, etc. you can import your play history into the Raptr client giving you instant access to these rewards.
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