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Logitech G600 Questions

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Quick questions on this mouse hopefully someone can answer:

1. Are the side buttons default to 1-12 on the keyboard or must they be set through use of the logitech software?
2. Can modifiries be used like shift, ctrl, and ctrl + shift?
3. How wide is it compared to the Razer Naga? According to measurements, it should be only .5 cm wider but is that really it?
4. To the owners of the white version, does it get dirty?

I'm thinking of selling my RMA razer naga 2012 and buying the G600, since it's much more durable I hear.
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1. It has 3 onboard presets, 2 of which default to numpad keys I believe.
2. Yes.
3. It felt significantly wider than the Naga, especially because of the G-shift button.
4. All mice get dirty with use.

Better wait for a V2 or something however. At its current state it suffers from tracking issues and no flashable firmware to fix them with:
Oh ok I see. Is this with all G600's or only some?

And about the buttons.. not sure what you meant by the 2 which deafult to the numpad.. do you mean 1-12 on the side are default then there's a switch for those side buttons to be the numpad buttons?
As far as I know all G600's are concerned, yeah.

There are 3 onboard profiles. 2 of them have the thumb buttons mapped as the numpad. I don't remember which is the "default" one, but it doesn't matter because you can customize everything through software.
Ok good. Thanks for the help. I wanted it to be just like the naga where those side buttons count as 1-12, which it does so that's great.

So about this issue, definitely something to think about cause this new naga I got from the Razer RMA department just 3 days ago already has DPI changing automatically issues, and in 6 months it's a sure thing the double click issue will come as well.
Never heard of the DPI changing automatically issue-does it also happen without Synapse installed? As for the double click issue, you can fix it by spraying a bit of contact cleaner on the affected switch, there are video guides on how to do it.

But yeah, the Naga has some unfortunate durability issues, but I found it superior to the G600 in every other way.
The only thing holding me back from the G600 is the extra width. I thought it wouldn't be too much since technically it's .5 cm but I rather trust you since you have felt it.
Do you have a picture of comparison between the naga and the G600?
Hey Artifact sorry to bother again but I had a general question I couldn't find the answer to online..

For white peripherals, (white g600 for example) I hear it can get stained yellow because it's white, can these stains be removed with any type of stain remover? Not sure how true this is. I'm sold on the mouse just trying to decied whether I want black or white.
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