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lol it's amazing what drivers can do...

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I just changed from Nvidia 181.22 to the latest 182.08 drivers and my 3DMARK06 score when up 454 points lmao

Went from 19320 to 19774

My GTX 260 216 (65nm) is overclocked to 675/1482/1125

I'm trying to push my shaders higher and my core higher but tbh, this is the best I think I can get out of my card..

I'm using vista x64 too
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damn near 20k on a single gpu is impressive. Good work man.
sweet man nvidia all the way
Nvidia ftw!
You should try the custom drivers maybe they can help you get to 20k.

Nice scores none-the-less
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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