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Lookin' for good IEM's Cheap

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I'm lookin' for good cheap IEM's. I have one in mind:http://www.zagg.com/audio/zbuds-iphone-earbuds.php
Do you think it's good? I can find it elsewhere for $28.99
Please post all your recommendations for me!
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How cheap is cheap? What type of music do you enjoy?

I'm assuming cheap is around $30 so....
The SoundMagic PL-30 is nice for the price and is $23.50 shipped from focalprice.com for the black version (focalprice is somewhat slow since it's overseas but they don't take a month or more like mp4nation.net does). It's not what I would consider a bass-heavy earphone though.

I have the white version and I'm rather pleased with it.
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Those look pretty good thank you! I generally listen to r&b, hiphop, 80's, 90's and techno. (All rounder)?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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