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Looking for 9800GTX stock coolers.

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Ok so i am getting ready to WC my 3 9800GTX+ cards. Im looking for 3 stock coolers. Im going to cut out the GPU copper Air block and put my water blocks there. im needing the rest to cool the ram. I have looked for 9800GTX waterblocks and im not paying 99$ ea for them.

Here in this video so u can see what im doing. If u pause at :50 sec u can see what im talking about. Also im going to put the plastic cover back on so the fan can blow over the whole thing to help keep the ram cool.

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I dont know where you are going to get stock coolers But i have a whole writeup on modding 9800gtx's for watercooling. And from what ive found tri-sli 9800gtx's dont scale all that well. But fun stuff either way. take a look might help
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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