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Hey guys,

I'm looking at purchasing a 27" 4k monitor to pair with my Dell XPS 9550 over DP (via Dell Thunderbolt 3 dock).

This is the model I have my eyes on:

LG 27UD68-W

Does anyone have experience with this monitor?

Anything else you can recommend? Budget is around $500. Not really going to be doing any gaming outside of maybe Diablo 3 or Path of Exile in 1080p. The 9550 has a GTX 960M.

One reason I want 4k is so I can keep the same display scaling on both the laptop/monitor. Display scaling in Windows 10 is still buggy for me when I tried running my laptop at 4k / 250% and my BenQ XL2420Z at 1080p / 100%.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT - Newbie question but is there anyway to get FreeSync to work with a GTX 960M? I don't believe the 960M even support GSync.
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