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Looking for a $50 or less air cooler.

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Hey all,

I'm getting myself a 'new' desktop PC, it's an Intel i5 650 with the socket if LGA 1556. I believe that the LGA 1555 coolers also work on this socket.

I'm setting up the PC for gaming, I'm probably going to buy a HD 7850 GPU for it. It's a Micro ATX motherboard. I'm not sure how much room is in the case for a cooler, and unsure how to measure it, it looks fairly large to me. (I'm trading so I am able to measure the space available if I could be told how to?).

I can spend up to about $50, but the less the better. I can over clock this CPU so I may do a little of it, but nothing extreme. I'd like if the cooler is future proof as I could upgrade my CPU to a haswell in 6 month's or so.

I'm Australian so price's are a little high over here. If you'd like to make suggestions you can look at MWave & MSY. I'm not brand specific or anything like that, just looking for the best quality for the price.

I've never used or fitted a custom CPU cooler, so it's a new thing to me. One another things would be should I use the Thermal paste that is supplied, or change it to a custom option? If so what are some good Thermal Pastes.

I found a nice Antec Cooling Freezer 13 for $40, it dosen't look to bad to me. Link is here.

Thanks! Hoping to get some good replys.

EDIT: The case is an Antec 300, as you can see below:
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That is the only cooler in your price range that I have heard anything good about it.

Dont skimp on the cooler, is my suggestion as you will want to overclock more the longer you have the system.

Yes any cooler for 1156 which the 650 cpu is, will fit so far into 1150 sockets which is Haswell atm.

Honestly if your gonna skimp on the cooler skip Haswell as it is too hot, makes Ivy look great and Sandy to be the best. I think Ivy is your best bet get a mild 4.5 OC with temps in teh 80's and be set for awhile.
You should start by checking how much clearance you have, measuring from the top of the IHS to the side panel of your case.

I would definitely get one of these (~ best to worst):

Xigmatek Prime;
Deepcool Ice Blade Pro V2.0;
Xigmatek Aegir / Prolimatech Panther;
Cooler Master 212 EVO / 612S / 412S;
Xigmatek Dark Night Hawk;

This could be useful:

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Originally Posted by TeeBlack View Post

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
Second this.

And for sure get different thermal paste. Just check around the forums for what is the best.
I really like the Coolmaster 212 Evo. Would the extra $10 be worth to spend on the Cool Master Hyper 412 as seen here? It looks a lot better to me.
You could get the Prolimatech Panther for the same money of the 212, wich is a better product, performance and build-quality wise.

For $55 you can get the Silverstone AR03 and for $50 wich are both considerably better:

Originally Posted by Joshhat View Post

I really like the Coolmaster 212 Evo. Would the extra $10 be worth to spend on the Cool Master Hyper 412 as seen here? It looks a lot better to me.
I do not think that it is worth the extra money.
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