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Looking for a good Fan Setup for MK-1 Chaser

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Hello, i'm new to the forum and to cooling. I just bought a Thermaltake MK-1 Chaser which should be here on thursday. I am relatively new to cooling a PC case so figured I would ask people who actually know before I mess something up haha. The case I am replacing is a Phantom 810 mid tower and for the longest time all I had was the stock fans until a couple weeks ago a friend gave me his extras (He got a 240mm radiator) and I salvaged one from my old PC which i'm surprised I never did.

My current case is currently setup for the two top 140mm fans to be intake (the top one was a exhaust until I added the 3 other fans including another at the top and noticed that) while the front 140mm was an intake as well. The back fan is an Exhaust, the side is an intake, and the bottom fan is an exhaust. My reasoning was, the top should be an intake too bring cool air to the CPU/Ram and the front and side should an intake to bring Air to the GPU while the back and bottom would exhaust the hot air from the components.

I May be 100% wrong in my thinking so I decided to get some advice for the new case on what to do. Currently, my CPU idles at 50 degrees (my friend has the same CPU and he said his was the same until he mounted the 240mm radiator and now his is about 35) and my GPU which is a Geforce 650TI Boost idles at 30 degrees and using Furmark got up to 75 - 76 which is about normal for the card.

Anyways, I wanted to explain my current situation and get tips for the next case, I would like the emphasis for cooling put on the GPU if possible because i'm planning on getting a Corsair Hydro 60 this week for the CPU (wanted the 50 but I have a FM1 socket so it won't fit) and based on the reviews I read, I should be able to overclock my 2.7 GHZ CPU pretty significantly an still be under 50 degrees Celsius (Friend overclocked his to 3.4 GHZ).

So, overall does anyone have any tips or suggestions? The case can hold 4 200mm but only comes with 2 and I was planning on using the 140mm fans from my current case instead of buying another 200mm fan, then again, if it is recommended I would buy one as their not that expensive.
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