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Looking for a HDTV please help.

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Black Friday is coming up and I'm looking to buy a HDTV for my mom, but I have no know idea what to look for into buying a HDTV. The information I do know is she wants 60+inch size HDTV. I was wondering which is the best LCD, LED, and plasma.
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if its going to be used for just tv/movies, i would buy a plasma. i have vizio plasmas 50inch and 42 inch and they are great tv's. they have a better picture than an LCD, better contrast etc...

i couldnt tell you about LED tvs though

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LED is meant to be the best it's whether or not it justifies the price tag. Try going to a store and having a look around, you will end up going to a few shops.
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Thanks guys keep them comming!

I'm looking at this, it seems like they are monitoring the black friday deals. if anyone interested in looking into a TV check this thread out.

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