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This may come off as odd, but I am looking for a security camera set for inside my home.

My 84 year old grandmother lives with me and has had issues getting up from chairs and once she even fell and was on the floor all day until someone came home.

With that being said I am looking for a couple camera 2+ to be mounted towards the ceiling of the rooms she is commonly found in.

What I am looking for:
2-4 Cameras that could easily be mounted in different rooms (would prefer wirless if possible)
Would be great if they had sound and we could speak through them.
Need to beable to access it remotely while I am at work or possibly on the go (if the service is free)

I dont really need a central unit to record footage, but I am sure they need some unit to connect with.

The cameras dont need to rotate. And I am hoping to keep the cost relatively low, but would love ideas and a place to start.

This is an idea I am throwing around as it is hard to leave her home alone and not worry all day. I am sure you can all relate..

Thanks for any help!
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