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looking for a new card for old rig

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hey im looking for the most powerfull card I can get. im running a 400 watt PSU and my price range is around 150ish to 175 max.

I know that PSU is realy a constraint and I dont even know if a 8800GT could run on it. could anybody please tell me what the highest cards I could run would be?
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I'm sure that you should be able to run an 8800gt on a 420w psu. I had my entire sig rig with my quad at about 3.5ghz on a 430w antec. With you intended budget I'd say that a 4850 falls right in. You can get them for $130-140 after MIR.
Your 12v rail is kinda weak

I think you should look at a Radeon 4670, or if you prefer Nvidia, a 9600GT/GSO (GT is better than GSO)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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