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Now I'm looking for a Keyboard for my new rig.
Mostly I use keyboard for Gaming, Web Browsing, Microsoft Office, Notepad.
My budget is around Razer Black Windows price range.
Need to be comfort cuz I use about 8hr. a day in summer


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I am looking at the black widow keyboard is it reall worth it compared to other keyboards around the same price point. Also how comfortable is it? how is the padding and such? I also hate keyboards that are like laptop keys. Also another question seems they like to mention mechanical keyboard what does this exactly mean?

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It is absolutely amazing to type on. It's my first mechanical keyboard and I will never go back. It does make a lot of noise though, just to warn you. My friends can easily hear me through my mic when I'm playing with them.

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Originally Posted by ntherblast
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Hmm thanks are there anything issues with the keyboard I was reading a thread and some users posted that their shift and spacebar broke? is this a rare occurence?

You're welcome and which thread was this? Give us a link so we can take a look to see which keyboard are we talking about. I'd say it's pretty rare unless the design is defective or something.
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