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Depends on where you are and what is available to you, cannot go wrong with a bequiet dark power 12 if you really want some overkill, the corsair rm650x is quite a bit cheaper and will do your system just fine as would a seasonic focus gx650, really depends on what is available to you 馃槄

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I have used a lot of EVGA power supplies the last 5-10 years.

Other than the supernova G2's being a bit poopy, they have been doing great (850 watts+)

My current 1000 G3 has foolishly tiny voltage ripple, which has been PERFECT for getting cpu cache and memory overclocks to their maximum.

In my opinion, just check your current power supply out. If modular, throw on a molex 4pin cable, and use a multimeter, and watch the voltages. If they are jumping around alot, a new PSU is a good thing.

But if it can do the 12v rail super solid and never dip below 11.90, it is still fine to use.

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Wow IDK what's good any more. I bought a box of old PSU's to fix up, some of them I did, but now they are all ~10yo. And the PSU in my rig must be 6-8yo.

A lot of stuff should be better than a 10yo Rosewill tho.
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