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My setup is kind of wierd and I need to have it mounted high on the wall just an inch or 2 under the ceiling. Wil be in a small 10 x 12 room so I don't need it to be that powerfull just need it to sound good.
Just so you know where I'm at quality wise this is what I had for the last 10 years and I think I finally broke em. Would like the sound to be at least on par with that. Maybe sacrificing a ill bass. Oh yea link


I have the same ones but no wireless


Must have digital toss link connector
Wall mountable ( pretty sure they all are )
150.00 dollar range
Could care less about a sub
Needs to either have a remote or be able to stay on without shutting itself off.... I hate power saving features

Price range is a ill stingy but for any more ill just bite the bullet and get another receiver. The downside of that is its a lot more wires to run through the wall.
Please don't recommend something you haven't heard in person before.

Thanks for your help
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