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Looking for a storage server chassis

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I am looking to move my file server into a new chassis. It has been in a tower that is no big enough any more. I am in need to expand my drive pool, currently at 6 drives. So, looking at at least a 12 bay, ideally front swappable for easy replacement of failed drives. I am trying to keep the costs down at the moment. Only other things it it needs to fit a normal ATX mobo and ideally the PSU as well. Also rack mountable.

New or used is fine. Any suggestions?
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Rosewill RVS-L4500U is a good option if you want to install your own hot swap bays. However check the price on after market hot swap bays. Because it might be cheaper to get a Rosewill RVS-L4412U. Which comes with 12 hot swap bays already installed.
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