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I have recently bought a brand spanking new Evga Z77 FTW and am looking for a test bench to hold it.

I have looked at all the sites listed in this forum:

and have ended up liking this the best:

This bench is just about exactly what I want/need. Though in the future I plan to do some dry ice cooling and would like to see if there is built in support, for any test benches, for a large CPU dry ice pot. Though I am pretty sure that it is not done enough that people would make a test bench for dry ice pots specifically.

So does anyone know or could recommened any test benches not listed in the links above? That you like and would recommend?

What I am looking for.
  • Entire hardware support (holds MOBO, PS, HDD, DVD/CD, etc)
  • Built in fans for each deck.
  • Support for add ons (Being able to expand the bench, add more rigging for more hardware)
  • Not extremely expensive
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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