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Hello Overclock.net
I'm currently looking for some good audio for gaming and listening to music. I'm a complete novice to audio equipment.

I currently own the Siberia V2's from steel series and they sound awful my apple ear pods sound better and they came free with my phone.

My budget is around £130

I don't have a dedicated sound card. I currently use the one on the steel series headset. I have onboard sound on my motherboard would that be good enough or should I just invest in getting a dedicated soundcard + headphones?

What would be a good combo for a dedicated soundcard and a pair of headphones, since i already plan on getting the antlion modmic 4.0.

I would like the headphones to be closed if at all possible.


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First of all, you are using the on board sound on your motherboard. That's where you plug in your headphones isn't it?.

Most games want multi channel sound but there is no (or very little) surround sound music available.

So you kind of have to pick:
Stereo for music
Surround sound for gaming

Are you interested in another set of headphones or are you looking for speakers?
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