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Hi there,

Between, I believe, 2005 and 2012, I had an old businessmen underhand used upside-down as a mousepad, because I was disappointed by all the gaming ones that I was using prior to that. I stopped to use it just because it was washed so many times it wasn't even flat anymore. And also because I seriously thought that I had a disadvantage compared to other players. So I bought a QcK+, and very much to my surprise, it was like playing on ice all of a sudden. With my fake mouse pad I could have bet my life on some flick shots (like, for real), with the 'real one' it wasn't natural at all.

"If I do exactly this, I will probably hit" - but who knows? It always felt like a lottery kinda. So I lowered my sens, more and more, by 40% at the end. My tracking improved, or at least it felt easier to achieve, but the flick shots still felt random. At some point I probably convinced myself that the issue was that the QcK+ was too thin, so I went for a QcK Heavy, but I experienced exactly the same problem.

Then I (wrongly?) assumed that what I needed was a mousepad with a lot of friction, but luckily I kept the QcK because I didn't buy an Everglide Titan when I could and then I couldn't find a mousepad which was unanimously described as really rough.

It's only recently, I don't really know why, that I suddenly realized that what I probably need/miss is an hybrid mouse pad, for maximum control. The thing is, all the hybrid mousepads that I could see these last days are actually rollable, like a normal cloth mousepad. I don't quite get it...

Do hard mousepads with a cloth surface (what I would call real hybrid pads) even exists nowadays? If so, do you have any suggestion?

If not, well, I guess I'll have to try a rollable one. Any recommendation?

The mousepad has to have the highest control achievable, obviously, that's the whole point, but also be fast, be roughly the size of a QcK+/Heavy, and the same glide on the Y and X axis.

tl;dr good hybrid pad, me wants
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